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In order to evaluate the visitors’ number and to perform the statistical studies, cookies are used for the statistical purposes in site. Cookies shall facilitate the use of our site and allow presenting the more detail and suitable information for you. Such a management of the data shall not allow to directly or indirectly determining your identity. shall reserve the right to transfer the anonymous statistical data to the third parties. You can delete or block cookies in your computer by using the internet browser of your computer.

Use of the Personal Information

We shall do our best to provide control as far as possible to manage your personal data; it is important for us that you would feel comfortable by visiting our site. shall protect your personal information and shall use it for provision of services you need under the requirements stipulated in the Personal Data Protection Legislation of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania regulating the management and protection of such data. may collect and use your personal data (for instance, name, surname, date of birth, address, phone number, e-mail and other information provided in the registration forms of site) for the ordering of services and getting prior separate consent of yours for other determined reasons. By managing your personal data we shall reserve the right to disclose them to the third parties for the purposes of delivery of the specific goods or device only and for the extent necessary in order to achieve those objectives. We shall not disclose your personal data to the third persons in any other cases, unless the prior consent is got, except the cases, when it is obligatory to disclose them under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. shall not be liable for the management of your personal data on the Internet sites of the third persons and when you are directed to them by the links visible in our site. We shall recommend reading the privacy statement of every site (not owned by us) visited separately. Data of visitors is protected from the accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure or unauthorised usage.

You shall have the right to get informed, how your personal data is used. In case this information is incorrect, incomplete or not suitable, in order to be able to deliver your orders and to provide the services precisely, please update it immediately. You shall have the right to request at any time that corrects or destroys your personal data provided or stops managing of such data (except their storing). If this fact conditions the impossibility of providing services further, the provision of such services shall be terminated (by deleting the personal data) or stopped.

UAB “STARNITA”, (code 302748419, registrar – state company “Registrų centras”), Architektų st. 56-101, Vilnius, shall be liable for the management of your personal information provided.