Affiliate Program

Join Clustspace affiliate program and earn by recommending our services to other customers!

You will receive a referral link, which you can publish it in your website or send directly to potential customers. Both you and a new customer will benefit from it:
1. Customer, who ordered service using referral links, will receive a 25% discount for all the sevices.
2. You will receive a 25% bonus from every payment for a service, ordered using referral link.

Advantages of our affiliate program:
1. Discount is valid for all the duration of the ordered service, and not only for the first payment.
2. You earn bonuses from all the payments for this service, and not only for the first payment.
3. You can withdraw accumulated bonus by making a bank transfer to your bank account, instead of just using it to pay for you invoices.

You will find your referral link in the user control panel.

Notice: Affiliate program discounts and bonuses are applied only to services, ordered by new clients, who aren't already registered at Clustspace.